TAKE TEN: JAGS Alums Tackle 10 Questions

JAGS Alumnae tackle 10 Tough Questions

Andrea MacLeod (JAGS 1970)

Andrea MacLeod (Class of 1970)

Andrea MacLeod talks to us about life after JAGS; Belgium, breakthroughs and beyond!

Posted on: 21 Sep 2015

Happy Campers! Summer Hype attendees.

TAKE TEN: Emma Mittelman (2014)

Emma Mittelman (2014), co-creator of Summer Hype, is changing the landscape for city-dwelling young people with her summer camp .

Posted on: 10 Sep 2015

Charlotte Ritchie at JAGS

TAKE TEN: Charlotte Ritchie

Actress singer and JAGS alumna Charlotte Ritchie (JAGS Year of 2007) takes a break from filming to "take ten" with her biggest fans!

Posted on: 25 Oct 2014

Daphne Clayton (JAGS Year of 1951), right, pictured with classmate Anne Flower at the Alumnae Lunch

TAKE TEN: Daphne Clayton

Daphne Clayton (JAGS Year of 1951) talks about her time at JAGS, her favourite teachers and courses, and how JAGS prepared her for the years ahead!

Posted on: 5 Sep 2014

Nicole Ocansey (JAGS Year of 2011)

TAKE TEN: Nicole Ocansey

Nicole (JAGS Year of 2011) "takes ten" to talk about life at university and her memories of her time at JAGS.

Posted on: 5 Sep 2014

Janna Patel (JAGS Year of 2013)

TAKE TEN: Janna Patel

Janna (JAGS Year of 2013) talks about what it's like to leave JAGS, her advice for current leavers, and building the perfect snowman!

Posted on: 4 Sep 2014

Lola Adesioye (JAGS Year of 1999), in a media appearance.

TAKE TEN: Lola Adesioye

Lola (JAGS Year of 1999) talks about her time at JAGS, life as a writer and commentator, and the advice she would give her 18 year old self today!

Posted on: 1 Sep 2014