Alumnae Lunch 2015 Photos

This year's Alumnae Lunch was a wonderful celebration of all things JAGS. We will continue to add to this album throughout the week, so watch this space!

Mrs Gibbs with Katie Prescott (2001) and Kimberly Arms (2005) Mrs Gibbs with Katie Prescott (2001) and Kimberly Arms (2005)

Head Girls Charlotte Errazuriz (2015), Jessie Kolvin (2015) and Flo Savage (2015) with  Mrs Gibbs

Jean Hanmer, Year of 1936

Jean Hanmer (Year of 1936), with Marion Errazuriz (Year of 2013)  and Charlotte Errazuriz (Year of 2015). 

Judi Chapman (Year of 1957) and Jan Hetherington (Year of 1961).

Judi Chapman, Barbara Stevens, and Gillian Evans, Year of 1957.

Pat Price Tomes and Ruth Cousins, Year of 1960.

Ruth Morgan, Year of 1964, and Friends.

Year of 1968, Judge Hall.

Years of 1974 and 1977.

Aoife Stone, Katie Prescott, Katie Lawson, and Seshi Manam, Year of 2001, Holst Hall.

Kate Macrae and Laura Parrish, Year of 2005.

Laura Akehurst (2014) Sonay Erten (2008) Polly Parry (1995) 

Exploring the archives in the library.

Laura Parrish and Kate Macrae, Year of 2005.

Barbara Byne, Year of 1962.

Jan Hetherington, Gillian Evans and Judi Chapman

Year of 1968